Juan Cabrillo Elementary School

Juan Cabrillo offers a reading intervention program for students who need more support in the area of reading. Students receive a research-based curriculum at their level, either in individual sessions or in a small group. In addition, students are tested at the end of each trimester. Based on the test results students will either continue in the program or get dismiss.

     Juan Cabrillo Elementary is also proud to offer ELD classes to students who need further support with language. These classes are taught by credentialed teachers who provide both push-in services and teach their own classes before and after school. Our ELD team uses the English Language Art curriculum Wonders and plans with the classroom teacher to ensure they are teaching the same material. In addition, the students get to create fun research and inquiry projects and learn about different cultures. It is a wonderful programs and students love coming to class!

For winter 2018, the data showed the following results for reading intervention:  

Kinder: 9 out of 10 or 90%

1st Grade: 9 out of 12 or 75%

2nd Grade: 11 out of 13 or 85%

These students met their reading goal and were able to exit the program.

We look forward to our spring results!

Mr. Octavio Gutierrez

ELD (TK to 2nd)

Mrs. Grace Houzvicka

ELD (TK to 2nd)

     CGI math is a way for our staff to differentiate their instruction to best meet their student's needs. This allows teachers to provide challenging tasks to students who are ready. In addition, it also allows teachers to provide support to students through questioning strategies. CGI is based on 30 years of research and has proved to create critical thinkers!

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Our English Language Arts curriculum allows our teachers to differentiate instruction to meet all students' needs. Teachers use our leveled readers to challenge and support our students. This provides instruction right at the student's level.  In addition, our curriculum offers research and inquiry projects. These projects allow students to explore a certain Social Studies or Science topic they read about in Wonders. Students are identifying reliable online and book sources. Based on their research they created a project such as a diorama or online travel brochure and write an informational essay. Students and teachers are really enjoying and growing from this work!

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CGI Math

Cognitively Guided Instruction