Juan Cabrillo Elementary School

Tedde and Kindergarten

Mrs. Kelly Shumacher

Room 1, Tedde

Mrs. Schumacher has been teaching for 18+ years. Mrs. Schumacher enjoys teaching because she loves helping students learn!

Mrs. Debra Davis

Room 7, Tedde

Mrs. Davis teaches TEDDE Kindergarten.

Ms. Deidra Jeffery

Room 3, Kdgn.

Ms. Jeffery has been teaching for 20+ years. She enjoys teaching because it’s her way of touching the future.

Ms. Bonnie Olguin

Room 4, Kdgn.

Ms. Olguin has been teaching for 17+ years. She enjoys teaching at Cabrillo because the classroom is made up of wonderful personalities from different backgrounds.

Mr. Michael Spiwak

Room 5, Kdgn.

Mr. Spiwak has been teaching for 27+ years. Mr. Spiwak enjoys teaching at Cabrillo because of our wonderful students.

Mrs. Deedee Zirbel

Room 6, Kdgn.

Mrs. Zirbel loves teaching! She enjoys watching the students grow and become prepared Cabrillo citizens. She believes in making connections with students, families, and the community.

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Mrs. Maria Rodriguez

Room 8, Kdgn.

Mrs. Rodriguez has been teaching for 14+ years. She njoys teaching because it allows her to guide childrehn with academic and social growth.

Ms. Shannon Kuhn

Room 9, Kdgn.

Ms. Kuhn has been teaching for 13+ years. She enjoys teaching because she loves to see the excitement of learning in her students.


Mrs. Erin Henn

Room 2, SDC (TK-2nd)

Mrs. Henn has been teaching for 12+ years. Mrs. Henn enjoys teaching because she loves how special and unique each student is. Everyday is a new adventure!