Juan Cabrillo Elementary School

2nd Grade

Mrs. Melissa Craig

Room 19, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Craig enjoys teaching at Cabrillo because she feels so lucky that teachers and students have such a beautiful school with supportive teachers, parents and students who make learning a priority.

Mrs. Lori Rawlins

Room 20 (M, W, Th, F), 2nd Grade

Mrs. Rawlins has been teaching for 25+ years. Mrs. Rawlins enjoys teaching because it is always exciting.

Mrs. Cara Nakama

Room 21, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Nakama has been teaching for 14+ years. Mrs. Nakama enjoys teaching because she enjoys helping students learn and be more successful.

Mr. Greg Foxman

Room 22, 2nd Grade

Mr. Foxman has been teaching for 20+ years. Mr. Foxman enjoys teaching because he loves helping children grow and learn.

Ms. Kathy Espana

Room 25, 2nd Grade

Ms. Espana has been teaching for 17+ years. Ms. Espana enjoys teaching because there’s never a dull moment.

Mrs. Ilyse Klein

Room 26, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Klein has been teaching for 13+ years. Mrs. Klein enjoys teaching because Cabrillo is a wonderful place for learning.

Mrs. Dina Stern

Room 20 (Tu), 2nd Grade

Mrs. Stern enjoys teaching because she loves to see students growth and reach their full potential.