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Ms. Lisa Baggio, Principal

     My lifelong dream has been to work with students of all ages and positively impact their lives. It was this attitude that led me to pursue a career in education. I obtained my BA from Chapman University, my Masters in Education from UC Irvine, and additionally I hold a Masters in Educational Leadership from UCLA. I have had the privilege of teaching in California and New York City in grades ranging from 1st to 6th. I have also been an elementary Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) and a middle school Assistant Principal. I am extremely excited about being a part of Cabrillo which is a place where we truly "grow and learn together!"

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June 2018, English:

Dear Cabrillo Families and Friends,

     As the school year closes, I reflect upon the wonderful year we had at Cabrillo. It was a year of learning, growing and fun. It saddens me to say goodbye to our wonder second graders, but am anxious to hear about their accomplishments in the future. We will miss each and every one of them.

     The month of May was busy and productive. We had our wonderful Open House where are students were able to show their parents all their hard work.

     This month students also completed their final research and inquiry projects from our reading series, Wonders. They were able to showcase their projects at Open House. In addition, some students completed informational essays that support their projects. We are so proud of our students' ability to research and identify valid sources. We look forward to continuing this work next year.

     Our students are also completing their end of the year benchmark testing. This year our assessment committee created three pilot math benchmark assessments that test students on the skills they have learned that trimester and previously. These assessments have been an excellent data source for our staff and have helped our students review previously learned concepts. Next year, we will use the data to continue to guide our instruction and create goals for our school.

     We also had our TEDDE Spring Sing, Principal of the day, our drama show case, art night and Christy Lane family dance night.  It was a wonderful month where students and parents got to learn and grow together.

     We would also like to acknowledge our Read-A-Thon participants. Thank you to the students for their passion for reading and donations to our PTA.

     The Cabrillo staff wishes all of our families a happy and safe summer!  Please continue to read and complete school work over the summer. "Summer Solutions" is a great resource for all students to continue their learning. We look forward to the 2018/2019 school year!


Ms. Baggio


junio 2018, EspaƱol:

Estimadas familias y amigos de Cabrillo:


Sta. Baggio


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